Architecture is not a static field of study. In education, each semester brings a project that spans four to five months. By nature, such projects are always evolving and never cease to grow, even at the end of the formal project sequence. We are always told to never stop, never give up, and always look back. The first semester of my architectural education, we were warned to never lose sight of the fundamentals of design. It has been my endeavor over the past three years to maintain rigor of process and clarity of design by building upon these fundamentals and adding to my “toolbox” of architectural and artistic knowledge.

Architecture is not an isolated field of study. We cannot take architecture and society as separate, nor can we assume that architecture is disjoint from those that would occupy the spaces that we strive to create. Architecture is meant to be a destination – it should engage the occupants. It should be pleasant to experience. It should be practical. Architecture is both a place and a space, which means that it must meet the needs of its users as well as the aesthetic standards of its designers.

Architecture is a journey. it does not begin with a sketch, and it does not end with a review or a constructed project. It is a way of thinking, and the challenge is portraying that. This website and portfolio serves to showcase a selection of my work from my architecture education. These projects are taken from a selection of levels, including process and group work as well as individual projects and final products, inasmuch as any project is ever “final."

You can view or download a print-formatted copy of my portfolio here.

Project List

Electronic House | Georgia Institute of Technology | Spring 2020

Durandian Shape Grammars | Back to the Future | Georgia Institute of Technology | Fall 2019

Mass Timber in the City | Georgia Institute of Technology | Spring 2019

Music Rooms | Georgia Institute of Technology | Fall 2018

Riverwalk Connections | University of North Carolina at Charlotte | Fall 2017

Library Explorations | University of North Carolina at Charlotte | Spring 2017

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